Our Vision

To see missional discipleship impact the world for Christ with the gospel.

Our Mission

To make missional disciples through the process of Reaching, Embracing, and Discipling. We reach the lost for Christ, embrace them in the Gospel and disciple them to Christ

Our Values

Gospel-Centered: We value the gospel and all the transforming implications of the gospel
Grace-Based: We values grace because it saved us and it is how God relates to us
Scripture-Anchored: We value the Bible to be our guiding light in all our callings and practices
Discipleship-Focused: We value the intentional discipling of God's people one person at a time
Missions-Minded: We value being bent towards the world by being in the world but not of the world
Local & Global: We value the transformation of local incarnation but seek to finish the Great Commission in unreached nations
Movement & Multiplication: We value the living reproduction that comes from Holy Spirit power.